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The crew of four astronauts on board The Nebula, a deep space research station, are locked out of the controls to the station. With a predicted asteroid collision only 90 minutes away, there's no time to spare for your team to remotely access the station and save it from catastrophe.

Your team of 2 - 4 players will be required to solve a series of puzzles and stages to complete the game. It will require communication, teamwork and some quick thinking! An Impact access code is only $34.99CAD and will work for up to 4 players. Only one access code is required for the entire team to play. All prices include tax.

Impact requires a minimum screen size of 1001 x 660px to play and is not suitable for mobiles or smaller tablets, but it will work on almost all laptops and computers. If you are unsure if your device will work, click 'Check My Screen' below.

If you need any more information, please check our FAQ.

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